Friday, April 12, 2013


Hand-rolled by the finest Havana hotties.

If only we'd end the embargo, just maybe. . . .

What pole smoker worth their weight in anonymous hookups doesn't appreciate a secret Santa stogie?  Certainly not this one.  A mystery fan (in my wildest "Boy with Beard" fantasies-- Fidel himself) sent me this beautiful book from my Amazon Wish List, "Cuba" by photographer Andrew Moore.   The book is SO big it barely fits on my couch.  Then again, I barely fit on my couch.  Together, we make BIG gifs.  A special thank you to my Caribbean Prince Charming, where-ever and whoever you are.    


  1. That's not a couch, that looks like a LC2 Loveseat by Le Corbusier. I'm impressed. That body and it's cigar is not half bad either :)

  2. Look at the Japanese helmets and the daimyo wig! (Shouldn't I be looking at the hot body?) Too good! You need to come and decorate my home.

  3. Colbs, did you get my book? I sent you Michael Asher: Kunsthalle Bern 1992? It wasn't the most expensive book on your list, but I want to make sure you got it. I think it was delivered the end of January.

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