Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Do you ever forget things you've done in the past until someone sends a polite email to remind you?  Well, this week, the lovely Stefan Lauer reminded me about an interview I did with him when I was in Berlin last summer.  The interview, for German VICE magazine was apparently tabled for a bit, but is now live and you can read all about. . .  well, I don't speak German so I don't remember what I said at this point.  You'll have to read it for yourself . . . or seduce a German speaker and have him or her translate it for you on your smartphone in post-coital conversation.


  1. A quick summary of what you talked about in the interview, in case you really don't remember and in case others who can't read German want to know:
    = what it's like to be recognized as a porn model, and whether people recognize you from this blog or from your porn scences and what they admit to knowing
    = how the new (social) media has changed the nature of the identities of porn stars
    = Erik Rhodes as a director and as a possible example of the demands put on the physical appearance of porn stars (and men in general)
    = whether porn attracts crazy people or makes them crazy or at least changes them
    = the fate of the pornstar (whose body is both the worker and the product) as a critique of capitalism
    = Colby's career in porn and his experience with gay for pay scene partners
    = what it's like on a porn set, how long it takes to shoot a scene, and what one can do to keep it up for the whole time
    = how much Colby's family knows about his porn work and his orientation
    = Colby's current (as of last summer) relationship status - in relationships with two different guys, who are not in a relationship with each other

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    1. I second that! Reminds me of a Vivienne Westwood T, but somehow I don't see CK shuckin' out no ₤200 for a shirt. Perhaps a gift or a 'Unique' come-up?