Saturday, April 6, 2013


The small, pixilated internet artifact above may be the closest I ever get to resembling anything like a real bone-a-fide "model".  All it took was a black-and-white camera and the extraordinary eye of one extraoridinarily talented photographer-- one Mssr. Tony Veloz of Washington, DC.  Believe it or not, Veloz didn't even study photography in school!  And it's not his full-time job!   Say what?!?  Cause I did.

My favorite: the little itty bitty drop of sweat pealing down my side, which, thru the very nature of its delicate near-invisibility, captures my true essence-- all anxiety and 5 ice teas too many.

C'est la vie, It's saught I seek.  And Veloz captures that too.

Good Shabbos y'all.  Rest up!


  1. uh, this photo of yours... my hole is as wet as it can be! how can one be so fucking hot?!

    dude, you are my man. accept that and come live with me.

    truly yours,

  2. A very great photo, like so much the pose,the light and the skill of the photographer convey a lot with a minimal portrait.
    You are very interesting and beautiful like a model ! Love the expression on your face in this picture - Compliment compliment -

  3. Wow, Colby... this is beyond amazing... So much soul in your face... Precious.



  4. Wow, just WOW! This 'glamour' shot is indescribably better than any other of its category I've seen posted of you here.

    Maybe next time you can have Tony focus his considerable talent on your bunghole & soles; I forget what this cross fetish is called, but it's incredibly hot.

    PS: have you seen that The Outs have released their season 1 final installment, a Chanukah special? I guess it's kinda like Christmas in July!

  5. Seriously wish I hadn't jerked off before I saw this because holy shit you're perfect

  6. Dayum! Amazing shot of Colby! ;-)

  7. You can be my Shabbos goy any day! Just let yourself in, and light my, a-hem, stove.

  8. great photo Colby.
    Will it be available for purchase?