Thursday, April 11, 2013


The eel in question, post-excision

Rarely does porn come with the caveat: "do not try this at home".  Unfortunately, one eager porn aficionado in China's Guangdong province could have benefited from such advice.  In a poorly thought-out attempt to replicate a scene he alleged witnessed in an adult film, the man inserted a 20 inch Asian swamp eel into his rectum.  The eel, in a desperate attempt to escape, tore through his colon and perforated his large intestine before doctors were able to extract it alive.  Especially tragic, given the circumstances, the man survived and the eel did not, though police confirmed that the 39 year old would be questioned on charges of animal cruelty.  Perhaps not surprisingly, this is the third known attempt of a man being hospitalized for sticking a live eel up his butt.  



  1. Saw this news earlier. Your pun on feeling and the opening line just made my day.