Monday, April 15, 2013


Gif from Roman M.

God knows I need a helping hand to do just about everything . . . Including, it seems, even jacking off.  While it may seem second nature to most, I stopped masturbating more than a year ago.  I seem to have forgotten how to do it properly.  Especially when you consider I had to re-learn the skills of self love with both hands tied together with duct tape.  How does that work exactly?  Well. . .

The cameraman had to step in and assist during my new "solo" for CockyBoys.  Hands, mouth and . . .  I'll leave a little to your imagination.  Though not much if you click HERE and find out for yourself. :-)


  1. For realzz the best!! High Art with wit!!

    Hey C, do you have thoughts on the anti-porn movement, specifically the DearPornAddicts twitter account? Thanks

  2. that gif... photos... gives a whole new meaning to penis envy :D just give me one to have one. that one. like that :Dcheers, long time reader, first time gushing :D

  3. it's incredible how awesome you can be and how many boners I get when I watch your face and body.
    I've never been with a man before but if I could choose that man would be you.
    Totally in love.

  4. I've seen what I believe is damned near everything you've ever done. Something about this one is so incredibly erotic. Every thing is hot, but this one is... just so mesmerizing!