Monday, April 8, 2013


Queerclick readers recently chose me (as top) and Duncan Black (on bottom) for a special "Drill My Hole" episode for

And you thought democracy was only for building roads and sending boys to war!  Now you can send them to bed too.

Fortunately, your civic dicksucker duties are not complete just yet.  Help choose the theme of our scene from the four options listed below: "Sauna Slut", "Cheating Whore", "Fuck You Too!" and "The Substitute".  Vote for your favorite HERE.

To better inform your decision, get a sense of my career portfolio HERE.  

#1 Sauna Slut
A young hot Sauna Boy (Duncan Black) is wandering around the sauna looking for aggressive dominant tops to fuck him. He can't find any suitable options until he encounters Colby Keller.
#2 Cheating Whore
Duncan is in a relationship but his boyfriend (Colby) never has time for him. Duncan cheats on Colby repeatedly with various guys to satisfy his needs. When Colby finds out he punish fucks Duncan and makes up for last time.
#3 Fuck You Too!
A young professional (Duncan) is on his way to work when a rude executive bumps into him. Duncan tells him "Go Fuck Yourself!" He then finds out that he is the CEO in town visiting his branch. The CEO fucks the young professional into submission.
#4 The Substitute
Duncan tells his brother that his boyfriend is cheating on him. His brother then breaks up with the cheating boyfriend (Colby Keller). Colby then finds Duncan and takes his anger and frustration out on him.


  1. I'm disappointed. I thought one of the scenarios would BE jury duty. You know, you & Duncan are sequestered jurors on a long case who have to share a hotel room. And because you're both super-horny you decided to take advantage of being sequestered.

    1. I like the jury duty idea WAY better than the original four options. Why do they have to be so angry? Just go with jury duty and make it hot.

  2. MORE I get on your blog lengvich get better and mind not cleaner ...and I love . You're one off ,best teecher ...repeat myself - like to kiss my teecher .

  3. I'd LOOOOOOOVE to see you, Colby, in an awesome suit as a CEO, being nasty to the boy and then screwing him into the mattress or, wherever...
    I voted for it. ;) Now gotta wait...
    Love you!

  4. I would prefer to see you as the bottom :) That veing said, I agree with Tony. All if these scenarios as so angry and...well...unoriginal. The jury duty idea is much more interesting...perhaps you could be the judge bringing the prosecuting attorney into your "chambers"? I totally buy you as a judge.

  5. Now I don't hang out at very often (or at all), but I react to the fact that the defining words in the descriptions are "aggressive dominant", "punish fuck", "fuck into submission" and "anger and frustration". Is that typical for the movies?

    I must agree that Tony's jury duty scenario up here is much hotter than any of the ones presented.

  6. The jury duty idea sounds hot... but I would rather have that as an orgy scene ("12 Horny Men").

    Personally, I would like to see more of YOUR interests make their way into porn. An art gallery owner and his assistant set up an erotic painting that's been known to trigger sexual abandon to those who look upon it. Or a writer on a book tour is serviced under the table by an overly-eager fan. It doesn't take much to think outside the box when it comes to porn.