Thursday, April 4, 2013


Enquire Within Upon Everything by Jess Smith

If I had my way everything on earth would come with a soundtrack.  Sitcoms and Bologna do, why not books?  Thankfully, the website Self Publish, Be Happy is one step ahead of me.  Created as a resource for photographers and emerging artists interested in publishing their own work and distributing it to a limited audience both online and in print, SPBH was created in 2010 to promote and celebrate self-publishing in all its unsung glory.  Some books, like Enquire Within Upon Everything, even have their own soundtrack (embedded below).  SPBH also has a special category just for erotic publications: Self Publish, Be Naughty.       

Here are a few of my favorites, erotic and otherwise, from the last few weeks:

The soundtrack to Enquire Within Upon Everything by Jess Smith

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  1. Those are some great images! I must check out this site for my own book "Hookups" xoxo Erik