Friday, April 26, 2013


Who else could turn a family friendly tortoise coitus twosome into a raunchy reptilian rampage (or just a friendly hug as it seems).   I discovered this adorable pair of mating penises where else. . . At Disney World's Animal Kingdom in Orlando this past weekend, on a mini-cation with "Friend of Colby" Margene and her West Virginia farmer family.  

FUN FACT: Before Chesapeake "crab" cakes caught the attention of the nation, turtle soup was the regional dish of distinction in my home city of Baltimore.  Philadelphia also laid claim to the terrapin and both cities competed to outdo the other, until, naturally, we drove the local diamondback terrapin nearly to extinction and were forced instead to turn to bottom-feeders (thankfully, not yet "overfished") and cheesesteak.

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