Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In a weekend FILLED with LOADs of art, it's HARD choosing where to begin and what to share.

Why not start with the gayest-of-gay "art" related utilitarian professions-- interior design (or at least with an art project than incorporates several overlapping themes of contemporary gay social life: interior design, boutique hotels and alcohol).  Artist Tobias Rehberger designed a special pop-up bar (to replicate his favorite hometown bar in Frankfurt) at Hotel Americano smack dab in the middle of the Chelsea art district to coincide with Frieze Art Fair on Randall Island in NYC this past weekend.  I stopped in with "Friend of Colby" J from LA to snap a gayer-than-gay photo or two.

Please discuss among yourselves exactly what "gayer-than-gay" could possibly mean.  Send your hate male to (and by hate male I mean pictures of you hate-masturbating to these  crumby images of me thinking fondly about zebra print and vodka tonics :-))

If you can figure out the password, enter Rehberger's website HERE (and then share the answer with me!)

Or listen to him speak about the FUTURE OF ART.

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  1. ZOINKS! That room is giving me a migraine.