Wednesday, May 8, 2013


BSD reader Teo emailed me recently with words of encouragement and this flattering portrait that he made last year but was too shy to send at the time.

In his email, Teo remarks: "I'm a foreigners for you, and you also for me...but i want tell you this little think, not for judge you but for know about a man that is more of a body...i feel that you are really more of a penis."   

Since I LOVE Penises sooooo much, I take Teo's words as a great compliment.  Thank you Teo!  You're a penis too bud. . . A big, hard 10 inches.  The kind we all dream about.

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  1. ... I'm loving his words and the way they come across. I can almost hear the accent and I like it. I agree Teo, Colby is a great penis!