Friday, May 3, 2013


DJ Nark (aka Kevin Kauer) is kind of amazing. He runs a magazine, mixes some sick music, and is a talented artist. In person, he is subtle and shy and totally cuddle-worthy, but his club persona and skill with the turntables just makes you want to dance.  Nark hosted Big Shoe Diaries last summer on our Road Trip Across America where Colby spanked Seattle's finest. . . asses, including one Jinkx Monsoon (we only learned later of her Drag Race stardom).  Nark was the consumate host and knew how to throw a party.

He kicks off a huge tour tonight at 6119 in Pittsburgh, also featuring Jinkx Monsoon (if you're in town you must check it out), followed by dates in NYC, Denver, LA, Portland and Seattle.  Kevin sat down with Karl Marxxx to talk about music, dance parties and whether or not he dated Jinkx Monsoon.  Check out the full list of Nark's tour after the interview.

KM: What do you like to focus on? Dj? Art? Projects? You do it all so. . .

KK: I try to keep a balance on everything and push certain projects at certain times, right now it's DJ'ing around, when I get back it's new photoshoots, Pride, and making a record.

KM: When is the first gig?  Are these your parties or thirst dj spots? (btw the interview has begun)

KK:[Tonight] Jinkx and I have our Pittsburgh premiere at 6119, then it's pretty much nonstop from there. I'll be with Jinkx at the reunion show party in NY and then she is off to conquer the world and I play a bunch of shows in NY.

KM: Inquiring minds want to know: are you and Jinkx an item? Have you played NYC before?

KK: Ha! No no, although- and she'll probably kill me for saying this... but when she first started approaching me at my parties asking to perform she did sort of ask me out a couple times as well. I said yes to the performance and she of course started blowing minds left and right and it's been a wonderful friendship ever since.

I've only been to NY once and I had an awful time. I am excited for a redo, and with six shows in two weeks I am already expecting some wild times.

Colby spanks Jinkx Monsoon at DJ Nark's DickSlap Party in Seattle as she bears down into Karl's lap.

KM: Do you like John Grant, the musician?

KK: Haven't followed him, hard to keep up with non-dance music these days

KM: What are your five favorite dance bands right... ... ... NOW?

KK: Bands/producers- The Miracles Club and their side project Emotion II Emotion, Vin Sol, The Carry Nation, HNNY and The Black Madonna have been consistently in the front of my record bag. Oops that's 7.

KM: What makes a perfect dance night?

KK: When your party is full of a bunch of cunts it's never fun, you can be confident and glamorous without being a wretched energy suck. Vibe and positivity is everything, that energy flows into the DJ enhancing everyone's good time. Playing to a room with a small handful of people in it that are having a blast can often triumph the feeling of playing to a thousand blowhards.

KM:  Also check out his crazy pride events in Seattle this summer.

Check out Nark's schedule for the next couple of months and check him out!
5/3 w/ Jinkx Monsoon | 6119, Pittsburgh
5/4 Honcho | Hot Mass, Pittsburgh
5/7 Westgay | Westway, NYC
5/8 Good Times | Eastern Bloc, NYC
5/9 PAT | Union Pool, Brooklyn
5/10 tNt | Brooklyn
5/14 Tandem Bar | Brooklyn
5/16 Bassment | NYC
5/24 P.U.N.C.H.I.S., Beatport Lounge | Beta, Denver
5/25 XBar | Denver
6/1 John | Fautline, LA
6/2 Micky's | LA
6/14 Jack w/ Jason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem) | The Eagle, SEattle
6/16 Gospel w/ Alaska Thunderfuck and Jason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem) | Branx, Portland


  1. Luv the Monsoon, but Thunderfuck's gonna win!

    1. AND, Roxy Andrews needs to sashay her attituTy, pageant ass a-way back under the rock from whence she came...

  2. Is Jinkx really that big, or is she standing on a box or something? You appear to be quite tiny next to her.

    PS: I love the delicacy of your right hand juxtaposed to the firm grip of your paddle hand, precious!