Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I might not be a gazillionaire, but that didn't stop me from purchasing a masterpiece at the Frieze Art Fair last weekend.   On the small table reserved for Printed Matter (the art world's artist book megastore) I discovered a small treasure trove of grisly juvenilia by artist James Unsworth, "Ninja Turtle Sex Museum".  The book accompanied an exhibition of Unsworth's work in 2010, at Five Hundred Dollars, an artist run space in London.  If you'd like your own copy of the book (or would like to buy me a kick-ass t-shit of Leonardo simultaneously dropping heat and poppin' a boner in mid karate-chop), visit artist James Unsworth's website: here for the BOOK or here for the SHIRT

1 comment:

  1. £40.00 for a T, does it come w/ a hand job?

    I'll pick you up something lovely from House of 'Unique' on half off day.