Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Look HARD.  Can you spot me?

"E.V.O.L. (Updated)" by artist Eliot Hicks.  See more of Eliot and his work HERE.  

Eliot describes the work (and my inclusion) below:

"E.V.O.L. is the eighth part to Marina and the Diamonds' promotion of her album/story of 'Electra Heart' and I used it as a vehicle to ultimately explain my own story of intimacy. I do find it quite an "evil" thing in the sense that having someone's affection can be a lot of power and manipulation. As for the choice of porn, it's the only exposure I had as kid/teenager as someone with no upbringing in gay culture. I find the concept of love, to make love, in porn, the best way to communicate love at face value. The particular video happen to be the least "porn" looking HD footage I could find, but I definitely like the blur between traditional means of intimacy and the evolution of porn. A recognizable face doesn't hurt when reaching out to a community either, especially using pop icons, I guess it becomes the icons of porn too.


  1. Nice seeing you in action! I also liked seeing Jack kissing Scruffy in THE OUTS.