Saturday, June 29, 2013


"Shocked" might not go far enough to describe my surprise and delight upon opening a package addressed to me and BSD Minister of Propaganda Karl Marxxx.  Inside, I discovered the following:

1.  "OH HI", HI HO, a folder:

2.  A colorful letter:

3.  A hand-drawn postcard of "poop":

4.  An obscure drawing of??  The Atlanta Cyclorama

5.  A portrait of me in colored pencil.  My mouth is full of nothing but flowers for Minneapolis-based artist Joe Sinness, both metaphorically and literally.  I don't even know what to say.  Beautiful.    

Up close and floral:

To see more of Joe's incredible work, visit his website HERE.  Good enough to eat!

More FLOWERS to put in your MOUTH:

1.  You Are My Flower-- Flatt and Scruggs

2.  Flowers-- Prince Samo

3.  Intor / Flowers-- Grimes

4.  Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall-- Simon & Garfunkel

5.  Shit Makes the Flowers Grow-- Folk Uke

6.  Feet Prints on Flower Dreads-- Dustin Wong

7.  Day of the Sunflowers (We March On)-- Yoko Ono and Basement Jaxxx

8.  A Flowering Tree, Act I, Scene 2: Flores Chorus-- John Adams composer

9.  As The Life of a Flower-- The Chuck Wagon Gang

10.  Flower-- Deerhoof

11.  Toad Flower-- Beijing International Children's Choir

12.  You Are My Flower-- Willie Nelson 


  1. Colored pencil? fucking show off. that's *incredible*

  2. The logical closing song would have to be Where have all the flowers gone, and of course the Marlene Dietrich version!