Sunday, June 9, 2013


I love a good book. . . A good book that I can use to bench press is even better.  I received the mammoth monograph of Young British Artist Gavin Turk in the mail anonymously, without any indication (or packing slip) to point toward the identity of my generous benefactor.  Where-ever you are and who-ever you are, my biceps and I sincerely thank you.

"The Last Bum", 1999

Bum or Bust?, 2013

Turk's work revolves around issues of authorship and identity.  Much of his work imitates work of other famous artists.  In homage, I tried unsuccessfully to replicate the pose of his sculpture "Last Bum" from 1999, a life-size waxwork of the artist as a tramp, but the idea didn't translate well without clothes on, so instead I used the book to get a pump on.  Feel the burn.

To contribute to the Boners for Books program to edujmacate aspiring young porn artists, consult the donation guide HERE.  


  1. You have an amazing body! Do generally get a nice big boner when reading? It would have been fun to study with you in school! :-)
    Now every rippling muscle of your body Colby is a huge turn on.