Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Moiré me

The Moiré effect describes an interference pattern where two overlapping grids intersect at different angles or with different mesh sizes.  While some may dispute the origin of the term, others trace it to Ernst Moiré, a mysterious 19th century Swiss photographer.  In 2002, Cabinet Magazine sent author Lytle Shaw to Switzerland to investigate.  In addition to an article published for the magazine (my favorite), The Moiré Effect tells the resulting story: "Shaw's thriller takes readers on a journey through the elegant salons of Swiss palazzi and the dusty bowels of ancient archives, finally ascending to a mountainous conclusion as hair-raising as it is bedevillingly oblique."  I intend to complete the book on my long flight to and from San Francisco this week.

In great anticipation, I extend my boundless gratitude to BSD reader, and generous benefactor, Brian McC.  I'm so excited I just couldn't help myself.  I had to fuck it!  I'll let your imagination "overlap" the two resulting gifs.

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  1. I'll have to get this book. It's interesting how the Moiré effect can be used in science- with microscopy you can use the Moiré patterns to increase the resolution limit of light and increase the information collected:

  2. colby keller moire effect at alrightdarling:

    is that a onesie? HAWT!

  3. Damn, if you read a book, like you fuck a book, I want to be on your flight to SF!

    Speaking of boners... I've been on my Colby marathon as of late and I may have to call a Doctor as I have been experiencing an erection lasting longer than four hours!