Sunday, June 16, 2013


Oklahoma is tornado alley and Colby prefers to ride in style when traveling through the windy state. The joke goes like this: Why is Oklahoma sooooo windy? Well, 'cuz Texas sucks and Kansas blows(you have to know some basic plains geography to get that one).

Nevertheless it's important to be safe when chasing devastating storms for documentation and this 9,000 pound hunk of metal should do the trick. Who wants to chase a tornado??


  1. R U Nuts? That thing might be heavy, but it looks cobbled together with scotch tape & super glue. Might as well be, if it were ever trapped by one of those F5 twirlers.

    What's that you say, what the heck is a twirler? Why, it's a fierce, drag twister, that thinks it's gone with the wind fabulous!