Saturday, June 29, 2013


It wasn't my intention to have dueling portraits post on the same day, but I wouldn't even have known about this one, if it weren't for BSD reader Winston, who discovered this incredible likeness of me while trolling the interwebs earlier this week and passed it forward.

"Beyond credible" might go further to describe illustrator Jason Shorr's complimentary rendition than any other adjective of praise I can offer (and I can think of several).  I look far better in conté crayon than I do in person, and that's no easy task.  Drawing is hard!  I can't imagine that's my butt either, but I enjoy pretending it might be.  Finally all those squats are paying off, albeit in the realm of the imaginary.  I'm happy with what I can get, drawn on paper or otherwise.

Now I just need to find the artist and get him to start animating my porn!!!  Jason Shorr where art thou?

I think I found you!  Fast, I know.  Above is Jason's self portrait.  A Boy with Beard too!?  Grrrrrrr.


  1. Grrrrrrr is right! I love a man with a thick... neck.

  2. these are wonderful! Such talent!

  3. I love Jason's work. And now I get to check out yours too. Off to google!