Friday, June 7, 2013


Captaincornholer, as he'd like to be know (because he's a corny bitch), lives in the city of brotherly love.  While I love his adorable frames you'll be saddened to know that in true Philly style his boyfriend recently broke them (and his face!) with his murse (a man-purse for those unfamiliar with the term).  It helps to not call your boyfriend a whore on his birthday.     

I take my glasses off to you Captaincornholer . . . and give you a very stern look of concern.  


  1. I'd pet his snake, but he was in dire need of a new pair of glasses. Those sapho-genous frames were just beggin' for a beatdown.

    PS: a murse is a male nurse, whereas a man bag is a mag. Purse is something you do with your lips, not something in which the queen carries her spare gloves. For instance, I pursed my lips as I began slurping on Captaincornholer's tasty lust muscle... just sayin'.