Monday, June 10, 2013


The stud above (Grim Outlook) works for Liverpool-based Studio Adrianus.  I talked with founder Adrian recently on Facebook with tips on how to start his own porn project.  

Adrian explains Adrianus thusly: "Our approach to pornography is to focus on filmmaking, story-telling and exploring the psychology of arousal to produce a medium that we call ‘post porn’. Our first short – in production right now – is Gay Sex on Mars and focusses on two guys as they dissect the events of their first encounters. It explores the distance between people, loneliness and how far we have to go to make a connection with somebody. It’s also going to be really hot. We’re working with no budget (Guerilla Porn really) but a team of really talented people and having a whole lot of fun."

To find out more, click on their Facebook page HERE.  

To make your own Colby Kokigami, courtesy the incomparable kokigami creative genius, J.Bone, click HERE and follow the simple instructions.  


  1. Gosh! Wee Colby Kokigami has got his work cut out for him! He needs stretchy arms.


  2. I'm looking forward to making my own Colby Kokigami so he can hug my cock. It kind of reminds me of Mogli climbing a coconut tree!

  3. Mmm, nice, my kinda fatty!

  4. You know Colby Kokigami, Jon Snow (or at least his doppleganger).