Tuesday, June 25, 2013


If you're a fan of LA-based photographer Gabe Ayala as much as I am (and I should be, he took some of the best photos of me EVER), you'll love his new zine: TYPE / FACE.  With five different covers to choose from, and lots of beautiful butts in between, including "Boy with Beard", Big Brother contestant, and new Colby Crush Will Wikle, "The Best Ass in New York", there is much to admire.  You can even find something from lil ole me!  I tell the sad story of a failed attempt to submit admittedly lousy "artwork" to a feminist academic journal in a piece I call "Mashed Turpatoes".

Gabe hopes to release future issues quarterly.  Score your copy of the inaugural edition HERE.

Big Brother bares all-- reality show asset Will Wikle

It's me! (Loser!)

Ass homage to Claes Oldenburg?  

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  1. Mr. Keller, I just wanted to say that you are an extremely gorgeous man! You are one of the most manly men around who seems like the type of guy who knows how to take charge and be in control. I'm in awe what an Adonis you are, wow!