Tuesday, July 30, 2013


How happy do books make me???  VERY happy.

To prove it (and apologize to BSD reader Greg who sent in a beautiful monograph of the work of artist Jeremy Deller while I was out of town), I took not one but nine photos, each with a different smile. . . to demonstrate the precise degree of my appreciation-- with joy in my heart and blood in my broomstick.  

Gone for nearly the entire month, I dashed off to the post office just in the nick of time.  My package was two days past the return date.  Phew!  Thank you overworked postal workers.  Thank you Greg and thank you Jeremy for some very inspiring work.


  1. Hey naughty Colby. No offence-you're old fashion guy. Not many people those days are reading books. And you're example-that are books fun and exciting, source of information and education. I am not really read books-English my third language. And not always get all color or meaning. But I getting better-start going to college to English classes. Never later learning. And already have noticed differences. And never later to love. ... So happy see you smile and bring your funny side. And I am have dream. ...and it forces me learn more and do something with my life. ... and your blog help me with that. ...
    I am honest-your and few more blog's I get in help me. And why I was so supportive to you and few your coworkers. Thankyou.
    I am looking to your pictures and smile back to you. ...

  2. I get such pleasure whenever I check out your blog. I think a Porn Star can also be so funny! Gotta Love it!

  3. Hey Colby,
    This is,Greg. You are welcome. I am glad that you are enjoying the book!
    No need to apologize, I am just happy that you got it. Like I said in the card, you seem like an amiable, funny and intelligent guy. I also said, "no boner required", but, the pictures are nice!

  4. Please marry me. You are not only beautiful but extremely interesting. I would drag my whole body through burning embers just to hear you fart.

  5. LOL Constantin. I agree wholeheartedly.

    Colby...you have a beautiful cock. Well worthy of worship.

  6. Colby, you are the one of the sexiest, funniest, and most interesting people around! I eagerly look forward to your blog entries all the time! Would love an autographed picture of you and your boner!