Friday, July 5, 2013


Today's boner "yields" to the author himself, Lee Houck, who sent me a copy of his very own book-- Yield.

Yield tells the story of part-time hustler Simon and his budding love affair with Aiden, a "gorgeous, guiltless client".

If you'd like a boner all your own, consult the "Boners for Books" wishlist HERE.


  1. Nice one. Dear Colby; Yesterday I did some work on computer courses, I study IT and some text talks about the office phones use perppes... Can't stop smiling-in my head is stuck picture with phone in the ass. Still can't stop laughing at it. Thankyou so much about what you do on line. It helps me so much. I don't have a boyfriend or any sex budy, but I learning from you blog. Again thanks for that. Love You Arun. X :-):-) :)

  2. I love Lee Houck! The book is terrific and he's also just an all around super guy. So cool that you gave him this shout out Colby! Love that you support the writers!