Thursday, July 4, 2013


Artist Javier Alara's "Flag Project" exuuuudes "stars and stripes" sex-appeal.  I first encountered Alara's project last year, after chatting with him on Dudesnude.  In a fit of temporary memory loss (for which I'm well known and deeply apologize) I failed to post these pics last Flag Day after promising Javier I would.  To remedy my momentary lapse in commitment, I'm posting them now.  Happy 4th!

Javier explains the piece as follows:

"News and entertainment have become one in a synthesized and dialectical approach to the seductive. There is a subliminally sexual subtext to commercial TV; so too is the case with the U.S. flag—the importance of what it represents becomes diminished when it is plastered to any article of consumption for the sake of profit. By painting the flag on 13 nude bodies, I tried to elevate the importance of the flag. The flag was painted on 13 models that varied in shapes, ethnicity, and gender—in order to reflect changes in diversity, acceptance and tolerance since the colonization of this nation. The videos show sensuality, sexuality, discomfort and comfort. The work offers a chance to discuss and contemplate how far we want to go with the use of the flag and to share feelings about the commercialization and the flag sexualization (a made out word, again to reflect the power of language as a tool for inclusion and exclusion on a nation where must of the population are immigrants that speak different languages, yet the need for a conservative party to make English as the first language still in debate)."

See more of Javier's work HERE.


  1. Very nice. Thanks for posting. I haven't been feeling very patriotic of late, but that's a flag I could salute...and suck.

  2. talk about rockets' red glare! yum!

  3. hope you had an AWESOME 4th!