Sunday, July 14, 2013


When you invite 1,500 Angelenos to make figures out of clay with almost unlimited free reign, you're bound to get a lot of cocks in the process.  Swiss artist Urs Fischer did just that, inviting 1,500 men, women and children from the Los Angeles area to saturate the gallery space at the Geffen Contemporary Center in downtown LA with clay figurines.  The installation accompanies his retrospective at the nearby Museum of Contemporary Art.  Among the phallic dead horses, masturbating women and clay musclemen, Fischer scattered several of his well-known candle sculptures, which slowly melt away during the course of the exhibition.  Since the show opened in April, most of the wax statues are well on their way to disappearing, but if you're in LA before August 19th, I highly suggest a visit.  Here are just a few of the cocks on view:

Melting wax office chair

"Rape of the Sabine Women" in wax

Wax candle sculpture

Pig fucker

Dead horse cock


  1. Sorry. Can't stop laughing.
    Pig fucker...
    Don't know why I am just find it funny and entertaining.
    Thankyou babe for sharing it. :-) My LOVE to You. X X X

  2. I have thought the same thing about the pig fucker!! Some of theses sculptures are a little bit... uhmmmm... disgusting! Lol.

  3. Thanks for posting. I like it. I have to go there. I haven't been to the Geffen Contemporary in a long time. Did you see Contemporary Architecture from So Cal? That's what I want to see.