Thursday, July 11, 2013


I can't count the number of blog posts I've read this summer complaining about and rejoicing in the supremacy of the tank top in its take-over of gay and queer fashion in the summer months.  As a huge sweaty piece of meat myself, I can't imagine how I'd get through most summer days without my army of sleeveless shirts and shorts letting my skin breathe.

I can however, count on Phil Miner to give me something that satisfies both my formal and functional needs for a hot sweaty summer day.  Phil has created the OUTspoken Collection, which collaborates with queer artists to create products that playfully subvert the words/slander/euphemisms that coalesce into an [often-false] identity for men who have sex with men. Their first product is a tank top created by Minneapolis-based artist (and Colby Keller favorite), Joe Sinness, based on the word "Faggot". 
So burn it up on the dance floor homos and get yourself a faggoty tank top today!

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  1. I can't wear tank tops. I'm to fat. :( I like wife beaters too. Yay. You keep posting. You haven't left us.