Friday, August 30, 2013





Maybe getting that macaque wasn't such a good idea after-all?  From the series "Animals" by photographer Ryan Mcginley.


  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    we are all kid's of nature

  2. I know one purpose of ART is to shock, inform, and disrupt your typical way of thinking, but a monkey on your junk, that just makes me scream. I won't even travel to places where monkeys roam free, wanted to go to Gibraltar, till I found out there are gangs of monkeys running free all over the place. So a monkey on my junk is the equivalent of an alien popping out of my chest, in fact that would be better than a monkey on my junk. In fact I suggest that you censor this art to remove that offensive image. I'm going to have nightmares for months because of this shit your putting out here.

    The shot of the beaver between the legs of what I would expect and hope to be a woman, classic, I get that on so many different levels.


  3. I on the other hand think that a monkey on my junk sounds entertaining- and a monkey on your junk even better! Thanks for posting these enchanting images!


  4. My first thought on seeing pic #5 was "Damn, that's a big gerbil."

  5. Ryan McGinley's work is beautiful. It's driving me insane that there hasn't been a book for the last couple of series ("Animals", "Reach Out, I'm Right Here", some of "Somewhere Place" and "Wandering Comma"). I mean, they had images from those in the Rizzoli book and the Twin Palms book, but someone should publish something focused only on these (probably my favourite of his series to date). And if that ever happens, I hope I don't miss it and end up having to pay $400 to buy it second hand.