Friday, August 9, 2013


If you thought the new bankruptcy reform act made discharging your student debt impossible, think again.  Check out this instructive pamphlet, "Certainty of Hopelessness: A Primer on Discharging Student Debt" (fun flow charts included) by artists Christopher Glazek and Sean Monahan.  

Since we're on a vaguely political kick (granted, I realize serious shit turns most off), also check out this completely unrelated article on the completely legal and terrifying practice of legalized piracy known as "civil forfeiture".  Yes, it's legal.  The practice is especially bad in tax-poor states like Texas, where I'm from.  I've had the practice happen to me, or at least attempted unsuccessfully (thank god for mandatory dash-cams and my keen ability to shame/frighten police officers with a hearty rendition of the National Anthem and two years worth of community college Constitution-recitation skills).  Don't piss off an entitled makes-less-than-he-should working-class fag with a master's degree.  I may just send a complaint to the State Police Commission and the State Board of Judicial Reform (for the shitty West Texas judge who helped certify the process).  Essentially, any cop can seize your property anytime-- cash, jewelry, cars, even your house-- without a conviction or even a charge, EVEN if you're acquitted of a crime (unlike "you", your property has no civil rights).  Some local jurisdictions make up as much as 40% of their budgets from the practice.  Seriously.  It's for real.  And it's legal.  And we don't even get free housing and guaranteed work out of the deal!  

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  1. You're from Texas? I love you even more. Love from Travis County...

  2. I just read the article.

    I figured I'd just stay the hell out of Texas until I read's happening everywhere.


    Thanks as always for enlightening me...

  3. It was an interesting article. By the way, I wouldn't mind reading more "serious shit" on your blog and it cetainly does not turn me off. On the contrary, it makes your blog even more interesting.