Thursday, August 29, 2013


Psychopath?  Or shy?

You be the judge.  To see what I mean, read my interview with Nightcharm's Mark Adnum on the introvert/exhibitionist conundrum that brings me close to the crevasse of crazy.*


Orange Fanta fun courtesy of Gabe Ayala.  

* What can I say, I'm crazy for crevasse and crazy-ass boys, but that's another story . . . ;-)


  1. I see orange penis, like a Lick-O_Stick.

  2. I was don't have rights to judge you or anyone. This is up to you...
    You are crazy and I am love it. That's what I see on line about you or your posts about yourself. But this just one side of you. YOU got your personal life to. And that is maybe you are shy guy?
    II love to know that, but it's just for close round of your friends and family.
    But because you do crazy, funny, sexy things on line -that doesn't mean that you are psychopath. I am honest with you Colby, I don't like, I'm in love with stuff you do. And love you as friend. X :)

  3. consider me engaged. that was one heck of an interview.