Saturday, August 17, 2013


All hail. . . me???

No.  My megalomania hasn't gotten that bad.  If anything, I have the opposite problem.  You'd be surprised how much adulation and praise it takes to keep this boat on an even keel (so keep it cummin' boys).

No.  I technically can't claim "Caesar" in this one.  Fortunately, the "knives" came out for another backside (that belonging to our slave boy JD).  I did, however, FINALLY get to participate in a Roman-themed orgy: every geek's fantasy come true.

Blow your trumpets hard for the final installment of's masterful time-traveling epic "Sex Traveler".

Perhaps to honor the ancient tradition of the "Forum", we debated long and hard (putting Wikipedia to werk) in an effort to decide whether to qualify this orgy (and the togas that accompany it) "Greek" or "Roman".  I thought Roman sounder dirtier (and therefore hotter).

Thoughts history buffs?


  1. In my modest opinion you should have gone for the Greek thing since you were passing your extensive knowledge on love, art and books to your pupils in the ancient Greek way. Can I be your pupil too? I might need extra sessions, thick me! ;-)

  2. Are megalomania and insecurity really mutually exclusive phenomena? I should think the mind would have more than enough room for that sort of cognitive dissonance...but enough of that, the scene does look very good.

  3. my kinda toga party..

  4. I'm delighted to pile on the are beautiful Colby! That probably wouldn't be my favorite scene though, not Colby-centric enough.

    Viva Colby!

  5. Roman was a good choice cause the term "Bacchanal" is Roman, therefore the Romans probably perfected the art of debauched orgies :)

  6. my-my, that's quite a pick n' mix of dick.

  7. Your pose in the initial frame suggests, perhaps a Last Supper themed orgy should be next?

  8. Hotness! This hits me right in the Sci-Fi Nerd pleasure center.
    Although...don't the decidedly modern tattoos cause rifts in the time space continuum? Are the other guys perhaps time travelers like Colby?

    More time travel adventures are needed, I think. I need to see Colby chilling with dinosaurs.

  9. "Sex Traveler" = gay version of "Time Wankers" (published by Eros Comix)