Friday, August 2, 2013


Who else could make homophobia homoerotic quite like the French.  Well, not "homophobes" exactly, but gay marriage haters.  Claiming a name like "Le Manif Pour Tous" (The Demonstration for All) maybe they're just disgruntled pansexual polyams?  With an ADORABLE hetero-normative family flag (in pink no less!) it's hard to decode the slurry of mixed signals embedded in these porn-worthy pictures found on the group's Facebook page.

More shirtless shenanigans from Opération Hommen, which took place in Toulouse this past April to protest legislation to legalize gay marriage in France:


  1. Darn you Colby Keller! I just wasted seven minutes of my life watching strangely half-naked men (what strange covering did they have on?) and a strangely compelling female dissenter, shouting incomprehensible French gibberish at me...

    Only Colby Keller could post a French (yuck) anti-gay marriage (yuck) YouTube (yuck) video on his blog and convince me to watch it.

  2. *sigh* this is why i choose not to leave the house most days. sometimes the world seems to be a more disgusting place than it was say even just 20, 30 yrs ago, back in the tail end of the good ol' closeted days, if that's possible. i mean, at least you knew where you stood then. now, with all this forced tolerance(God, I fucking HATE that word!) and PC bullshit, you never know who's gonna 'Paula Deen' you in the back. sometimes I think at least with these types you know who to steer clear of, no? as long as they're not physically assaulting us, let 'em rail.

  3. By the way, they are :
    * homophobic : their "comments" means that we LGBT aren't even 2nd class citizens ;
    * anti-democratic : they claim elected government & Parliament (moderate left/socialist majorities in both houses) are not legitimate to pass laws. They wanted debates about "mariage for all" (name of the law) and when debates came for 2-3 months in Parliament would protest their voices went unheard ;
    * racist : justice minister is a black woman from Guyanne (South Amercia) whom they dared depict as as a female gorilla !
    * against Choice (contraception, abortion rights) and separation of State & Churches : the heads of the movements are catholic extremists, one of them former urbanism minister and president of the christian "democratic" party who represented less than 0,4% the last time she tried.