Saturday, September 14, 2013


Or slippers I should say. . . prison slippers at that.

Last weekend, I made a special trip to the Bronx with my friend Sand to see artist Thomas Hirschhorn's installation "The Gramsci Monument".  Hirschhorn is a Swiss artist (shout-out to my ancestral homeland!).  In the 80s, Hirschhorn worked for a communist graphic design group called Grapus in Paris.

For his "monument" series, Hirschhorn consults underserved communities to construct and decorate a space that honors one of his favorite philosophers.  "The Gramsci Monument" is situated in a housing project in the Bronx.  The complex includes a workshop, a newspaper office, a radio station, a bar (all run by local residents), and a stage that hosts daily lectures from artists and philosophers.   "The Gramsci Monument" is his first monument in the United States.  He has constructed three others: in honor of Baruch Spinoza in Amsterdam, Gilles Deleuze in Avignon, and Georges Bataille in Kassel, Germany.  Unfortunately, the monument closes officially tomorrow!

To learn more about Gramsci, the hunch-backed Marxist prison philosopher, my friend Sand wrote a helpful introduction (along with more pics of me!) for Dodge and Burn.

Reading the daily paper.

The stage is set. . . 

Library altar.

"From the bottom to the top". 


  1. how random are those slippers? did you just stumble upon them and decide to snap a pic, or do they have some significance to the installation?

  2. Interesting excursion .... shame not to be close to being able to visit