Monday, September 23, 2013


Say what you will about the politics of the place, sometimes only Texas does it right: delicious (ridiculously cheap) Vietnamese food. . . nude swimming in September. . . and line dancing.  

And that was just my first day back home in Houston.  

It's hard to beat the highlight: a recently opened gay dancehall named Neon Boots (though skinny dipping comes in close second).  Situated next door to an elaborate go-kart course, Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson once performed in the same building.  While the venue may have changed "orientations", the new owners keep the belt buckle bling bouncing off the ceiling.  Faithful to its Country and Western roots, with just a few more "willies" on the wagon wheel perhaps (and a good balance of lesbians too), Neon Boots brings it home. . . down home. . . on the range.   

In addition to a heaping handful of men in ten gallon hats, Neon Boots promises a wide assortment of cowboy decor to please the eye.  Among my favorites: the state of Texas, upside down, painted in red, and spanning the entire width of the ceiling, and this pair of iridescent pink chaps hung on the wall with an autumn leaf accent:

"The original cocktail of freedom"

The best butt in Tex-ASS-- at least one ridiculously robust example, shit-kicker jeans to compliment.  My shoddy attempt at a secret snapshot hardly does it justice.

If the whole experience wasn't surreal (and beautiful) enough, I found this image burning its way deep beyond my corneas from across from the bar: a news story on women weight lifting while pregnant.  

Packed-out dance floor.  

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  1. Texas is catching up. I am relatively certain that we are only about a decade or so behind the rest of the political world, of course that goes for many places in the South. There used to be a C&W women's bar that was listed in Esquire Magazine as being for the "women of a like mind", and this was over 20 years ago. So cowpokes and cowpokettes have always had their own meeting places in Texas, but it's good to see that we are progressing to a more inclusive state.

    If it's you skinny dipping or dancing, I think the highlight would be watching you skinny dip, not to diss your dancing abilities. Enjoy your visit.