Friday, September 20, 2013


"Artist I Like" and mail-art buddy Vincent (Le Gros Monsieur), above and below:

I had the immeasurable good fortune to hit the opening of the New York Art Book Fair at MoMA's PS1 satellite installation in Queens Thursday night, after extending a brief trip to Connecticut to work on a project with musician Natti Vogel.  

All my favorite "Boys with Beards" were there (a LOT of names, I know, but each well worth a visit).  It took me nearly the whole opening just to wind my way thru the "gay" tent.  I barely scratched the surface.  If you get a chance this weekend, I highly recommend a visit.  

My birthday is October 18th.  Just sayin'.  It's my Jesus Year.  ;-)  

I'm the kinda boy that likes Dirty Looks (and so should you).  ;-)

Arts and Sciences Projects (fellow Balti-morons who have a killer pad in the Highfield House Condominiums, one of the two Mies Van der Rohe buildings in Baltimore).

Headmaster masters at Headmaster HQ.

"Boy with Beard" AND "Guy with Glasses" Chris Shultz of Pinups Magazine.  

(Straight) "Boys with Beards" Matt Crabe and Wizard Skull; I SEE PENIS makers extraordinaire:

"Artist I Like" Sott Hug (of K48 Magazine), with "Artist I Like" Erik Hanson above; Scott, me and Justin Beiber; Scott's merch below:

Last, yet hardly least, one final beautiful "Boy with Beard"-- Bruno from Self-Publish, Be Happy.  Deep in the heart of Italy, Bruno's mom has been slaving away to make a pile of African wax print tote bags for Bruno's booth.  True story.  Buy a tote and buy momma's freedom (bag by bag)!


  1. i live in ct.

    looks like i'm not making it to the bookfair this weekend.

    looks like you had fun.

    I'm in love w/ Gabriel Clark.

  2. Justin Timberlake! ;-P

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  4. I abso-fucking-lutely luv your Ancient Greece - inspired t-shirt, Colby! Where did you get that? An Ancient Greece - inspired t-shirt on a boy sexy and handsome as a Greek god! ;-)