Sunday, September 22, 2013


Heaven's "favorite man" might be taken, but surely there's a spot left for me (hardly favored, skeptically male) somewhere in Heaven this fine Sunday morning?  Heaven's "most mistunderstood" perhaps?  

"Boy with Beard" and (regretably) heterosexual artist Matt Crabe just might like dick more than I do. . .  A certain heaven indeed.  This past Thursday, I purchased the print above from Matt at the New York Art Book Fair.  The Fair continues every day this weekend at PS1 in Queens.  

Pay Matt just $5 bucks for an awesome print (like I did) and he'll draw whatever you ask on the opposite side.  I asked for COCK and this is what I GOT:

Matt at work. . . 

"She's somebody's mutha" 

I SEE PENIS pile.  

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  1. Cool! I love your print. Where are you putting it?