Sunday, September 29, 2013


Texas might have "Vietnamese" in the bag but Vancouver can claim dibs on "best of" in just about every other category of Asian cuisine, including one I hadn't tried until my recent visit this week: Taiwanese.

Who would have thought I'd end up in two "Hung" restaurants in two completely different countries on the same brief trip?

Vegans beware.

The menu on Chef Hung's Taiwanese Beef Noodle includes such rarities as Taiwanese-style kimchi, pickled peanuts in vinegar soy sauce with Chinese chives and several variety of hearty noodle soup.  I tried the "award-winning special" chocked full of translucent cubes of bone marrow, beef brisket and tripe, which my curious five year old table-mate greedily devoured to impress me.  Granted, Chef Hung's is a small chain, but you don't have to go far in Vancouver to find quality.  I can't even describe the intensity of mouth-watering food-orgasms I managed to muster in just two brief days surfing a handful of hole-in-the-wall Chinese noodle shops and sushi bars across the city.

Yummy to my tummy.       

Vinegar peanuts and Taiwanese kimchi

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  1. Bone marrow, huh? Had it as enrichment for a sauce, but never in a soup. Dammit, now I'm hungry...