Monday, October 14, 2013


Fill in the blank: _______ ARE FOREVER.

Diamonds?  Yes.  Metaphorically speaking.  They're hard of course and brilliant when the light hits them, just like the marriages they're supposed to represent.  But marriages come and go and diamonds change hands.

How about tattoos?

Sure you can get them removed, but not without significant expense and multiple painful medical procedures.  Let's hope I don't become America's next gay cannibal serial-killer or else the context of über-fan Paul's AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, ASTONISHING new tattoo will have a whole different meaning, or at least give him a starring role in a future documentary.

When Paul walked into the Seattle Eagle to get spanked he came prepared with a request of his own: that I sign his bruised butt with a Magic Marker.  The very next day, he transformed my shaky penmanship into one of the best tattoos I think I've EVER seen.  :-)

An incredible compliment!  I can't find the words to fully express my wonder and appreciation.  I'll very likely be on this boy's butt with him in the grave.  Where do I even begin?  I hope this helps. . .

Paul with Nark Magazine photographer Rachel Robinson


  1. For the love of all that's holy, when will you be at a Spanking Booth in NYC or Brooklyn? I have been wanting a good spank from you for a long. Long. Time. ;) Hope all is well!

  2. When are you going to do a spanking video??

  3. Mitochondrial DNA are forever.

  4. Thanks for putting me on your blog!