Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Not one, but two editions of my new favorite magazine/book The Sienese Shredder, thanks to an anonymous BSD reader.  All I'm missing now is the current issue!  

To submit your own "Boner for Book" consult the consequences HERE.

A selection from the pink edition, Issue 2:

Tongues tip to tip: a red isthmus.  First
pleasure-node: preliterate.  Second: preliterate.
Patience is a shadow a mouth holds open when open
& waiting.  The Beloved's eyes are set on macro.
Pixel to pixel: buds taste buds.  Money I would say
you have no shot of covering this lens with any advertising
other than love.  This limbed impoverishment.
Exchange absence.  Then the Lover lies down & allows
the Beloved to squat & shower the Lover's face
with a golden stream of warm piss.  Shakespeare,
thinks the Lover, would have loved this. & suddenly
the sun's sadness the moment a shadow is released.
We have no TV, but the neighbor's flickering light
disturbs the windows with the wrong history, & speech

from "Sonnets in the Mouth of an Elizabethan Wolf" by Christian Hawkey

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  1. Given your love of erotic (and occasionally wonderfully obscene) poetry and prose, have you read James Joyce's poems to Nora Barnacle? While they're certainly not for the delicate of sensibilities, they're amazing if only for the prose and the fact that these were written in the early 20th century; not really a time for sexual exploration, I believe. Easily google-able should you need some (somewhat awkward) entertainment for your day.