Saturday, October 19, 2013


Official BSD illustrator Chris made a special request recently.  He'd like me to post more butt pics for his series of portraits--a generous, well-timed suggestion it turns out.  All I seem capable of coughing up these days are "pirate face" and "Keebler elf":

Which is all to say, I get so excited by all of my wonderful birthday gifts, including this mammoth catalog of the work of artist John Wesley (not to be confused with the co-founder of Methodism), sent by BSD reader Andrew, that my face can't conform to any other configuration but one grounded in sheer happiness.  If you lived in a tree and made fudge cookies all day you'd be happy too.  Or lived on a desert island with a chest full of gold doubloons-- which perfectly describes my library of art books in Baltimore.  Arr.  Thank you matey!      

Here are a few of my favorites sex-specific paintings from the book:


  1. You are genius. I was enjoying every your post. Thankyou. My respect to your.

  2. Thanks bud. I love the man chasing the duck. I've been chasing that duck all my like.