Wednesday, October 23, 2013


More from MAD (The Museum of Art and Design) and "Out of Hand", an exhibition that explores art and design in the digital age:

electronic potter's wheel

Richard Dupont, "Untitled", 2008

The T/Shirt Issue, "Muybridge", 2013

Lionel T. Dean, "Holy Ghost Chair", 2006

Demakersvan, "Cinderella Table", 2008

Laura Alvarado and Vivian Meller, "Portrait Me", 2011- 2013

Joshua DeMonte, "Cathedral Collar", 2009

Wim Delvoye, "Twisted Dump Truck", 2011

Greg Lynn, "Dog Shelf from Toy Furniture", 2008

Me "fisting" a lamp

"Speak, Blow, Whistle" vases


  1. And I just have a new stop the next time I go to NYC.

  2. They allowed you to take photos of the exhibit? In a bunch of exhibits I've been too, photography and recording wasn't allowed, or did you just sneak these photos in?

    Either way, this looks like a great exhibit. Would love to visit.