Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Two issues actually.

Two issues in one copy . . . of Lucky Peach, the smartest foodie magazine on the shelf.  The current issue breaks down in two relatively "gendered" halves: one for "men", one for women.

What?  No trans/intersex/asexual food!?

Actually, Lucky Peach devotes it's substantial mid-section to a hospitable homunculus of edible hermaphroditic sea life.  The magazine IS published by San Francisco-based powerhouse McSweeney's after-all.  Among the honored lot: sea pineapples, sea cucumbers, whelks, scallops, oysters and "Finding Nemo" favorite-- the clownfish

Two halves and one intermission.  Call me an old-fashioned feminist, I chose to read all three.  With articles like "America, Your Food is So Gay" (p.20), and recipes for castrated "Capon au Pot" (p. 59), "Stag Pizzle Soup" (p. 34), "Rooster Testicles in the Style of Cassoulet" (p. 62) and a whole slew of egg and roe flavored "female" dishes to please the palette (p. 42-49), you'll find no shortage of food fun to tickle your dickle (and viggle vaggle).

Not the kind of frog legs I'm used to.  Ouch!


  1. This is nothing but reinforcing gender binaries. I am glad that you questioned these stereotypical notions of gender. One has to contest these and be a 'trouble'maker (a la Butler).

  2. i've seen deer dick before. it looks like a turkey neck.