Friday, October 4, 2013


I guess there is something "cruel" in the relative "coldness" of the deep blue waters of the northern Pacific that prevent me from diving straight in on such a beautiful September afternoon, especially considering the location-- a lovely "urban" beach in British Colombia's biggest city, Vancouver.  The wind was mighty nippy too. . . and wind can be cruel-- just like a certain mistress (mister?) missing in my life.  It cums just as quickly as it goes, and what could be crueler than that?

If you haven't read Gilles Deleuze's deconstruction of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's masterpiece "Venus in Furs", I highly recommend the intellectual indulgence.

Granted, the pristine beaches of the Pacific Northwest provide an excess of pleasantries that make a steady matriculation into masochism fraught with contradiction, but that didn't stop the bubble butts of Seattle from stealing the show and returning Delueze's masterpiece "back" where it belongs.

And yes, it's true.  Don't worry.  I fully intended all the awkward wordsmanship in this post to cruelly attend your coldest estimations of me.  :-)  Beat me boys.  Beat me off.  

Knowledge is Discipline-- "Delueze on the derriére" at Dickslap in Seattle:


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  2. Mmmm ... "deconstruction, intellectual indulgence, excess of pleasantries, steady matriculation into masochism fraught with contradiction"...Colby, you're so sexy when you use big words. Just delectable.


    "They could take or leave you,
    so they took you
    and they left you.
    How could they be

    You were the one
    waving flares in the air
    so they could see you.

    And they were a zephyr,
    blowing past you, blowing fastly
    so they can see you.


  4. Beat my ass with a boner book!

  5. Oops. Sorry Dickslap, I meant Jack. I get my "D"s and "J's mixed up sometimes. :-)

  6. I was reading that book while working at the Family Y M C A in San Francisco as a temp helping them fundraiser My boss found it on my desk, and I got a good talking to for reading obscenity at work.