Thursday, October 10, 2013


"Boy with Beard" and coiffure-maestro Jeff Chastain cuts my rug.  No other pair of tattooed forearms can quite do the job like Jeff's.  My pate is in your hands!

The perfect soundtrack to a GIF: La Femme's Nous étions deux ("We Were Two") from Psycho Tropical Berlin.


  1. I got my hair cut last week. First time in years I'd let someone else touch it. They weren't amused by my 'I just cut it myself where I don't like it' philosophy.
    They cut off five inches of my hair, and, I swear, just like Samson, my power has been drained, and now I remember why I never cut my hair to begin with. :)

  2. Colby just got his hair did! Hair grows on that boy like stink on a trash heap.

  3. Still think you shoulda opted for corn row realness, *hawt*

  4. You look great with short hair!
    This IS you in the first gif, isn't it?