Thursday, October 10, 2013


I blame premature ejaculation.  At the first sign of a change in weather my mind immediately jumps to the next consecutive holiday on the calendar. . . in this case, Halloween.  We still have a few days before I can officially break out my plastic pumpkin, but I couldn't resist a death-themed trip to the Big "Poisoned" Apple: Greenwood Cemetery (where I got to visit Boss Tweed, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Jean Michel Basquiat all in about an hour and a half).  I even ate a real crab apple that fell on the grave of Samuel Morse. . . Then I whisked off to Manhattan to take care of some dead ends at Jeff Chastain's beauty parlor, and stopped to gawk at the beautifully executed dismembered bodies of artist Matthew Day Jackson at Hauser and Wirth.

For balance, I complemented my trip with a gesture to the living: a stop off at the opening of Radical Presence at the Grey Art Gallery at NYU-- a survey of contemporary black performance art that traveled from my home town of Houston, and will appear at two separate venues in the city, at the Grey Art Gallery and at the Studio Museum in Harlem later this November.

 Naked Ghoul

Father of "Base Ball" Henry Chadwick

Green-wood cemetery is also the site of a famous Revolutionary War battle-site. . . 

West Side Story composer Leonard Bernstein-- As a general rule, the most famous residents have the most unassuming headstones.

New York's first official bear. . . "Beard"?  

By far the weirdest monument: Henry Bergh, founder of the ASPCA

"Humility of Man Before a Group of Ageless Animals" by Wilhelm Hunt Diederich

Famous Congregationalist preacher and abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher, brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin

Founder of the Liberal Republican Party (yes, there was such a thing), Horace Greeley

Best obelisk of the day

Famous 80s painter Jean Michel Basquiat.  See the film, directed by another famous 80s painter, Julian Schanbel, if you haven't already. 


A "Morse-l" 


No gay worth her weight in damask, should need an introduction to this one: Louis Comfort Tiffany

Famous painter of Native Americans George Catlin 


  1. You are a dream, Colby.

  2. Why aren't you teaching art at a college? You'd be my favorite prof.

  3. Three Jews and an Egyptian pyramid with Sphinx! I'm perplexed.

  4. Great post and pics Colby! This is one of my favorite spots to take friends when they come to visit NYC. I've been there a bunch of times and even saw a show there at midnight this summer about dead people telling tales of their lives. I've posted about Green-wood a bunch on my blog and taken tons of photos too--here's a sampling: