Friday, October 11, 2013


I made the list and I'm checking it twice.  Has my narcissism really gotten that bad?

No silly!

Because I made the LIST twice: I'm a masochist who likes difficult movies ("film" really) AND finally getting the right answer to that challenging Algebra assignment.

See Ms. Eizeman!  Sex workers don't need differential equations!  Told you! 

. . . Or do we????

Top honors go to my fellow performers: "For stubbing your toe" & "For cooling down soup"--by far my favorites.  To see the whole list of "Gay Porn GIFs Applicable to Every Situation" on Buzzfeed click HERE.  Special thanks to BSD reader Daniel for cluing me in.  :-)



  1. Damn, those are some luscious lips! He can blow on my, ahem, 'soup', anyday.

  2. Best thing ever. Cuz it lead me here :3

  3. If you check out the comments on this Colby, you actually are the TOP there as well.