Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I can't count how many people have sent me an image of the I SEE PENIS above-- what purports to be an aerial view of a church in Dixon, Illinois, the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan.


Ronald Reagan?


Huffington Post swears the church even deploys the slogan "Rising up".  You're not alone if you suspect something fishy.  Who really designs such a small building with that many weird curved walls?  I was skeptical enough to check Google Earth myself, and yes, the building does seem to exist in Dixon, the boyhood home of our 40th president (an actor with ego-testicals if there ever was one).  I took these screen captures myself. . . that is, unless someone hacked Google?  I couldn't find a website for Gathering Light, the church in question, but I did find a slew of funny reviews from Google Plus:

From "Jack Kennoff":

I highly recommend the religious teachings of John Thomas and Hugh G. Reckshin. Very enlightening. I laughed, I cried, I came.  

From "Richard Holder":

Nice place, but why did they put the seminary in the rectory? 

I also decided to investigate with a simple street view and got this strange anamoly: a brick wall and a bridge to nowhere: