Monday, October 28, 2013


Casper the Friendly Ghost's castration mashed potatoes?  

If a holiday happens somewhere in the future between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I might serve something like this to celebrate.  From the series "Saint Sébastien" by artist Marc Alberghina.

Marc's work appears in the exhibition "Body and Soul: New International Ceramics" at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC.  Here are a few of my favorites from the show:

Still from Corps au Travail (Body of Work), 2010, by Valérie Delarue

 Chris Antemann, "Lust and Gluttony", 2008

Elsa Sahal, "Pieds Noirs (Black Feet)", 2010

I SEE PENIS? . . . Michel Gouéry, "Fifi", 2006

Kate MacDowell, "Daphne", 2009


  1. Is everyone going to meet up in 10 years and try to put Daphne back together again?