Saturday, October 12, 2013


I "ate" my "hate" and all I got were "eight" souvenirs (and one broken pericardium).  Now I need your help to put the pieces back together again. 

Here's the gist:

The project is a little cumbersome to explain so bear with me.

I've just started an eight month long project that requires participation.  Partly as a joke, I'm calling it "totalitarian" art.  I hope to address a certain object or idea using a "totality" of means-- not just sculpture and painting and music and all the other usual suspects, but through conversations with my friends.  Those conversations might also entail painting or sculpture or whatever other means at your disposal.  

It's important that the project begin with a "found object".  In this case, I'll be working with 8 drawings a friend gave me a few years ago.  Each drawing corresponds to a symbol which represents a value that in turn defines itself using two broadly differentiated, though overlapping philosophical terms: "Truth" and "Love" (and sometimes a third category, "Courage").  Sounds confusing I know, but it's very simple.  Again, the drawings and the initial content embedded in the drawings provide a contingent basis on which to build an exchange.  Hopefully these symbols/values are broad enough to help you generate a thorough response, though I'd accept even the most rudimentary approach.          

Each month I will address a new drawing and make responses to it, in part by incorporating knowledge from the exchanges I have with you.  

The first symbol I chose at random from the eight drawings I am using for inspiration.  I attached a scan of the drawing below.  It represents Justice: "Truth tempered by Love."     

Whatever you might think about this drawing, the value it represents or the content of the statement "Truth tempered by Love" (or this project for that matter) is fair game.  I won't accept any response as "invalid" or "negative". That said, if you choose to participate, please give your response serious consideration.  Even if it's a joke, make it a serious one.  ;-)  

Join the Justice League.  Help a brother make some HE(ART).  :-)  

Freely interrogate the subject (object) pictured above and send your responses to  


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  2. A thought on the "inspiration" behind "Pieces of Eight": it can't be easy to be the 3rd person in a 2 person relationship. To love something that is already being loved. To be treated with jealousy & dismissal, as a glitch in someone else's matrix. So would you continue to engage in that losing proposition? Or would you finally expel the water from your lungs & breathe?