Saturday, November 2, 2013


A GIGANTIC throbbing rock solid slab of Colby meat goes to ClaireBear, my favorite German BSD reader and mother of three, who sent me "Building Stories", the mammoth new compilation of work by graphic artist Chris Ware, earlier this month.  I got a little backlogged with Boners this month so it's taken longer than I would have liked to demonstrate my appreciation to Claire (thought some things never seem loooong enough).  

To make up for the delay, I threw down a few more sticks of thank-you-wood on my bonfire of gratitude: 


  1. Nice. I am always happy see you. And sorry for asking; - Please, tell me? You are always nude at home. I was always too. Are you a naturists?
    I get like you, when I see your pictures. And I don't care about it, because no one can see me with boner at home.... lol. Except one thing is some stuff is always on the way when I walk around....
    You're looking amazing. Thank you Colby.

  2. Thank-you-wood is my very favourite of the woods! Thank YOU, Colby. Hope the compilation is all you hoped it would be. And you're very welcome. Hugs, ClaireBear x

  3. Lucky! The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was selling those (signed by Chris Ware) at the last Small Press Expo in Rockville. Gorgeous!

    Reminds me of the multimedia magazine Aspen (

  4. Thank you! A beautiful display delightfully presented.

  5. Colby! You look fantastic. What diet/workout routine are you doing? I need some inspiration and direction, please! ;)