Tuesday, November 26, 2013


It's hard to resist a man with a name like Max Melt-on.  Not only does Max have a beautiful beard and stylish stache, he's quite the wordsmith.  I'll let Max describe the splendid portrait above:

"The Lee Roberts photographic diptych avec bubblegum was done this past weekend, and I've been holding off on sending this e-mail because I wanted to include it, as I knew it'd be a riot to do. It's part of a larger project, projectbubble.tumblr.com, that Lee is doing of his bearded gay friends in London. Well worth a look, believe me. It's its own blog post in its own right! A curious blend of the life-death spiritual iconography of medieval diptychs, and the surprisingly erotic mastication of bubblegum. With beards."

Photo credits (in no certain order):

Jack Baxter
Heather Birnie
Lee Roberts
Paul Strowger


  1. Fantastic work! I know Lee from Flickr and he is a very talented artist! Thanks for sharing!